Ortho Retainers

Invisalign & Post Curative Retainers

Our ortho retainers are custom-fit for each individual mouth. Depending on the stage of your orthodonture, we design a retainer that meets the needs of your teeth. You can also customize the colors and decorations of some of our retainers to truly personalize the fit. Our multi-colored retainers are popular with young and older patients alike.

Invisalign retainers are ideal for individuals who:

  • Have mild to moderate ortho correction required
  • Want an unobtrusive option for their realignment procedure
  • Are willing to keep the Invisaligns cleaned and maintained

Repairs & Reinforcements for Retainers

When the inevitable happens, don’t despair. Often we can repair a cracked retainer, so that you don’t have to suffer the expense of purchasing a brand new one. Send in your cracked retainer to our laboratory and we will do our best to return it to its former condition. To prevent breaks, make sure you are removing your retainer with your fingers and not with your tongue, and try to avoid playing with the retainer while it is in your mouth. Most often, breaks are a result of misuse while the retainer is being worn.

For retainer service, call Advanced Denture Laboratory, Inc. at (770) 938-2900.

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