About Us

Dear Doctor:

Welcome to Advanced Denture Laboratory (ADL). I am pleased to have this opportunity to present our company and introduce you and your patients to our services.
ADL specializes in personalized dentures and partials, and takes pride in providing Optimum Quality, Excellent Services, Savings & Satisfaction.
I understand that a different lab is currently servicing your office. However, as a businessman and an over twenty year professional, I realize time is money, and top of the line workmanship mean Profit and patient Satisfaction.

Our highly knowledgeable, dependable & professional denture specialists along with a 21st Century technology, the highest quality material and low pricing, unites Advanced Denture Laboratory in ideal relationship for success with your practice.

We take precedence analyzing each case with the expertise it deserves. ADL wants to be your only choice!I hope that you will consider Advanced Denture Laboratory to be an extension of your office team. I truly believe your decision will bring success to your practice along with a comfortable and secure working relationship and happy patients.
Should you require special services, regarding your laboratory needs, we at Advanced Denture Laboratory are here to accommodate you. To schedule a pick up, simply call us or “Contact Us” via e-mail. For the immediate services, please download the lab slip online.

Thank you for your business. We are looking forward to serve you.

Devoted to your success,

Mike G. Sirota

President/Master Technician
Advanced Denture Laboratory, Inc

* On Most Cases

What makes us different

  • Quality Service
  • US & International Training
  • 30 Years of Experience
  • Numerous Satisfied Customers
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Active in the Community
  • Same Day Service
  • Free Shipping Both Ways