Full Dentures

Cosmetic Dentistry & Removable Dentures

Specifically constructed to provide you with the most natural fit, our dentures maximize both comfort and performance. Full dentures are suitable for individuals who are missing all of their teeth—either the top set, bottom set or both sets. In order to make your dentures appear as natural as possible, we take into account your skin tone, gender, tooth form, and tooth color to provide you with as close a match as possible.

With full dentures, patients may see improvements in the following areas:

  • Chewing ability
  • Speech
  • Physical comfort
  • Oral health
  • Self-esteem concerning your appearance

Promotes Self-Cleansing & Retention

Our dentures are specially contoured to provide optimum cleaning and to prevent breakage. Dentures come in a variety of fits and styles. Ask your dentist to help you select a style that is most appropriate for your needs, and we will custom-fit your order to your requests.

Advanced Denture Laboratory, Inc. is your premier choice for dentures. To order your high-quality dentures today, call our office at (770) 938-2900.

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