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Full Dentures

Our dentures offer a high level of comfort, fit and performance with the individual characteristics of each patient. Natural-appearing dentures must take into consideration not only the proper arrangement of the teeth, but also the patient’s skin tone, shape of the face, gender, tooth form, and color. Our dentures are contoured in a manner that promotes self-cleansing and the appearance of natural tissue. We use high-quality materials to assure good retention, durability and a natural look.
In-Lab Working Time: 5 Days

Partial Dentures

Advanced Denture Laboratory, Inc. is proud of its reputation for quality and service in our cast frameworks. One way that we have been able to maintain that reputation is by always seeking for better ways to serve
our clients. When your patient is missing some of the teeth, we offer acrylic, cast and / or flexible partials to replace the missing teeth, to give the complete support, and to preserve the remaining teeth of the patient. Browse our website to learn more about all the best options for your successful partial restorations.

Cast Partials

Vitallium 2000 is a premium chromium alloy which uses a nickel and beryllium-free formula. (These metals can cause allergic reactions.) Vitallium 2000 polishes to a brilliant mirrored finish that will be readily accepted by patients. Vitallium 2000 is manufactured in a unique, quality-controlled process that produces a purer alloy that is exceptionally strong and lightweight. Strict attention to detail coupled with quality materials, techniques, and casting equipment results in precise clasp adaption and retention for each partial.

Ultimate Partial Denture

Vitallium 2000 Plus also has increased flexibility, without deformation or fracture, allowing for excellent adjustability similar to that of gold. By far, Vitallium 2000 Plus produces the most refined, smooth surface available, one that is easier to adjust, maintains its luster and resists plaque while still maintaining that legendary Vitallium precision fit. Vitallium 2000 Plus is the premium alloy of choice for the Ultimate Partial Denture. The improved physical properties provide extraordinary strength and unprecedented fracture resistance while allowing for smaller, lighter, more delicate partial frameworks.

In-Lab Working Time: 10 Days

Flexible Partials

Comfortable. Natural looking. No unsightly metal clasps.

We offer flexible partials that have unique physical and esthetic properties. These dentures are firm enough to do the job, yet flexible enough to provide a more comfortable fit. They are so comfortable and so natural-looking that no one will even know the patient is wearing a partial. In fact, the patient might even forget it’s there! We can combine our partials with Vitallium 2000 metal framework to provide increased strength. Our flexible partials are available with either clear or colored clasps. Patients love the natural look!

In-Lab Working TIme: 7 Days

Hard Night Guard

Hard night guards are used for raising the bite, alleviating headaches, and preventing bruxism.

Hard Night Guard

Soft Night Guard

Soft night guards are used for bite raising and to alleviation headaches.

Combination Soft & Hard Night Guard

The combination night guard is designed for the same purpose as soft and hard night guards. It combines a rigid bite surface and soft fit surface to provide comfort and durability.

Combination Soft & Hard Night Guard

Additional Denture Services

Acrylic Fracture Repair: We repair any type of denture, using the same kind of acrylic. We handle mesh reinforcement, cast frame repair with solder, the addition of missing teeth, existing denture matches, etc.

Add Tooth / Wire, Cast or Tissue Colored Clasps

We can help restore dentures with the addition of casts, teeth, wires and colored clasps.

Bleaching Tray

Our bleaching trays can be used for the bleaching of essential teeth or for inside out. They are available with or without reservoirs, per specification.

Soft/Hard Reline or Rebase

Reline is a heat-cured, silicone-based soft liner or acrylic based hard liner that is applied to the existing denture. In many cases when the denture does not fit properly or hurts in the mouth, relining a denture creates a better fit and improved comfort for the patient, alleviates pain, and keeps the denture durable and soft over a long period of time. Rebase is the process of replacing the old denture base to a new one, without changing teeth position. Soft/hard relines and rebases require an overnight process.

Ortho Retainers

Ortho retainers are available in various colors and are great for post-curative cases.

Gelb Appliance

This appliance is designed to reposition the mandible and neuromuscular balance. This splint is always constructed on the lower arch and incorporates a lingual bar, two ball clasps and posterior acrylic bite pads.

Gelb Appliance

Trauma splint

Dental trauma splints prevent the dislocation of repositioned or replanted teeth, by stabilizing them during the periodontal tissues healing period. The splint is flexible enough to allow natural movement and to reduce the risk of external root resorption.

Other Services

Temporary Acrylic Crown
Surgical Stint


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    Work Completion Time Schedule

    By always looking for better ways to serve you more efficiently, we at Advanced Denture Laboratory, Inc. have always strived to offer the best quality work and service while being the most efficient in controlling completion time and expenses.

    Request for casework’s average completion timeframes in lab:

    One Day

    • Reline
    • Repair
    • Soft relines

    Two to Three Days

    • Wax try-ins
    • Custom trays
    • Bite blocks
    • Base plates
    • Bleaching trays
    • Thermo-flex clasps
    • Clear splints
    • Acrylic flippers
    • Full upper and lower denture process and finish
    • Partial upper and lower process and finish only
    • Flexible partial set-up teeth in wax

    Four Days

    • Valplast/FRS Flexible
    • Any ortho appliances

    Two Weeks

    • Partial cast frames
    • Partial w/ extras (including gold casting)
    • Partial cast frame w/ thermo-flex clasp(s)
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