Partial Dentures

Custom Fit Dentures for Maximum Comfort

If you are merely missing a few teeth and not in need of a full set of dentures, our partial dentures are designed for you. We offer a variety of options when choosing your partial dentures, so as to fit your specific requests. Ask your dentist to review our various removable and partials options with you so that you can choose the set that is the best fit for your lifestyle and requirements.

We offer the following solutions for partial dentures:

  • Cast Partials: Partners with specially cast metals to produce the ultimate grip on your teeth
  • Flexible Partials: Dentures without the metals that mold perfectly to your teeth
  • Ultimate Partials: Combine the cast and the flexible partials for increased flexibility and precision fit

All of our denture options are custom designed to provide you with the closest color match to your teeth and gum line. For more information, call Advanced Denture Laboratory, Inc. at (770) 938-2900.

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